2016 Norisring

Circuit name  Norisring
Website  www.norisring.de
Race length 33 minutes plus one lap
Circuit length 2.300 km
Lap record Max Verstappen, 48.168s (2014)


The races on the city street circuit in the heart of Nuremberg with their unique atmosphere belong to the highlights on the calendar. Every year more than 100,000 fans fl ock to the “Franconian Monaco”.

Pole-Positions 2015

Race 1 Charles Leclerc 48.240s
Race 2 Alexander Albon 48.099s
Race 3 Alexander Albon 48.227s

Former winners

2015 Leclerc/Günther/Giovinazzi
2014 Verstappen/Verstappen/Verstappen
2013 Marciello/Lynn/Rosenqvist
2012 – /Marciello