2016 Zandvoort

Circuit name  Circuit Park Zandvoort
Website  www.circuit-zandvoort.nl
Race length 33 minutes plus one lap
Circuit length 4.307 km
Lap record Felix Rosenqvist, 1m 30.802s (2015)


Zandvoort is situated in the North Sea dunes. The former F1 circuit is sheer adrenaline: corners that test the racers’ courage and changing grip conditions due to sand being blown onto the track pose a special challenge.

Pole-Positions 2015

Race 1 Antonio Giovinazzi 1m 29.897s
Race 2 Felix Rosenqvist 1m 29.713s
Race 3 Antonio Giovinazzi 1m 30.065s

Former winners

2015  Giovinazzi/Rosenqvist/Pommer
2013  Kvyat/Rosenqvist/Rosenqvist
2012  Rosenqvist/Juncadella