Sporting Regulations

About 4 hours of tracktime per event

Following two practice sessions, the two separate qualifying sessions will be held on Friday afternoon. Races 1 and 2 are normally held on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, whereas race 3 is held on late Sunday morning. Each race will be 33 minutes plus one lap and covers a distance of about 100 kilometres.


Free practice (2 x 40 Min.)

Qualifying for race 1 (20 Min.)

Qualifying for race 2+3 (20 Min.)


Race 1 (33 Min. + 1 lap)

Race 2 (33 Min. + 1 lap)



Race 3 (33 Min. + 1 lap)


Starting grid

Qualifying 1 for Race 1 = Fastest time of Qualifying 1 sets grid for Race 1

Qualifying 2 for Race 2 = Fastest time of Qualifying 2 sets grid for Race 2

Qualifying 2 for Race 3 = Second fastest time of Qualifying 2 sets grid for Race 3



The European Championship title is awarded to the driver who scored more points than any of his opponents.


The title for the best team goes to the team that scored more points than any of its opponents. Points for the team classification solely are awarded to drivers (maximum of two per team) who were nominated by the team prior to the respective event.


Rookies are drivers who previously have raced only vehicles of a performance level lower than that of Formula 3 cars and have not contested more than three ­Formula 3 race weekends.


In all three races contested on a race weekend, the points for the 10 best-placed drivers are awarded according to the well known Formula 1 system.


1st 25 Points
2nd 18 Points
3rd 15 Points
4th 12 Points
5th 10 Points
6th  8 Points
7th 6 Points
8th 4 Points
9th 2 Points
10th 1 Points


1st nominated car 25 Points
2nd nominated car 18 Points
3rd nominated car 15 Points
4th nominated car 12 Points
5th nominated car 10 Points
6th nominated car  8 Points
7th nominated car 6 Points
8th nominated car 4 Points
9th nominated car 2 Points
10th nominated car 1 Points


1st rookie 25 Points
2nd rookie 18 Points
3rd rookie 15 Points
4th rookie 12 Points
5th rookie 10 Points
6th rookie  8 Points
7th rookie 6 Points
8th rookie 4 Points
9th rookie 2 Points
10th rookie 1 Points

Sporting Regulations

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